Essential Tips to Keep Your Young Trees Protected from Wind Damage 

Trees may be struggling to endure a lot of windstorms that happen throughout the year. Because of this, taking measures that can keep your trees from such extreme storms has been imperative. Apart from that, you probably like to secure your house also from falling trees. To improve the protection of your home and trees, then you should use the best tree services given by expert tree arborists. Listed below are a few easy tips that’ll aid you in protecting your trees from wind damage: 


Use a cover 

Perhaps you’re thinking about using a cover for keeping your trees from being damaged by the wind. A lot of people think that covers can only be beneficial for keeping trees from the cold. But this isn’t true all the time. Covers can be utilized to protect trees from too much heat exposure, pests, strong wins, and many other kinds of damage that the tree might endure. It’s vital to keep in mind that as you use a cover, you must always put the cover above the tree and stick it to the bottom around the trunk of the tree. After the wind has waned, you can take it out so that the trees won’t be deprived of the sunlight that they need.  

Right location 

If you plan to plant a sapling, keep in mind that the location serves a major role. You have to always consider transferring the saplings to a particular spot that can naturally protect them from strong winds. If ever you observe that the wind blows from east to west, then it would be ideal to plant your tree toward the west direction since it’ll block the sapling’s natural growth and letting it have sufficient strength over time. Tree arborists can provide you beneficial tips regarding the best areas where you can plant saplings. 

Support stakes 

Installing support stakes can be highly beneficial once you consider planting a tree in your yard. The support stakes come with wood and metal options and you can choose either of them to secure your trees’ safety. Moreover, you have to utilize a soft yet durable fabric for tying the tree to every stake to leave some room for it to naturally move in regular wind pressure. It’s important to note that once a tree naturally sways, it’ll establish sturdy branches, a robust trunk, and powerful root systems. Qualified tree experts give enough protection to trees from wind storms and dust.  


The tips discussed and listed above can help promote the healthy development of your trees and boost their defense from windstorms. The best tree service providers, which offer leading tree services like tree maintenance, tree stump removal, tree removal Long Island NY, and more can give you beneficial tips on how to protect your trees from a lot of natural calamities. If you’ve got more questions that you want to ask regarding your tree’s conditions and how to safeguard them from harm, contact the best tree company near you today. 

When Should You Hire an Arborist? 

For those who don’t know, tree doctors who have the skills and knowledge to treat all of your tree issues are known as arborists. While these experts offer tree care services that are available to almost every location, it can often be complicated to know when your trees are in need of these services.  


It could be hard to figure out when you’ve got to call an arborist exactly. This is particularly true if you are familiar with the big tree outside your house. Unluckily, these inspections are crucial to make sure that the tree isn’t ill and to prevent any potential threats to your house. 

Whether you are in need of tree pruning Long Island NY or tree removal, here are several signs that indicate you need to call an arborist: 

You Want to Get Rid of Your Tree 

Unluckily, a couple of situations call for you to get rid of the tree. It is a good sign that you need tree removal services if a tree grows so big that it touches a building or your house. It is crucial that you get rid of the tree before it falls on your car, house, or cause any other damage.  

Keep in mind that you cannot simply get rid of the tree on your own. It is ideal that you contact an expert arborist if your tree has become dangerous and you want to get rid of it.  

Tree Mushrooms  

Tree mushrooms could be a sign that there is a major issue going on. They are often an indication that the tree is greatly stressed. Mushrooms can signify problems in the tree trunk or roots, aside from other issues. Furthermore, the appearance of any form of fungi can be potentially deadly to the tree itself. Several types of mushrooms are harmless. Unfortunately, there are a couple of types that can weaken the trunk of a tree.  

Your Tree Is Growing Quickly 

For those who don’t know, there are some occasions where your tree is growing too fast. You might believe that it’s a blessing that the tree is growing too quickly. However, it can be an indication that it is weak-wooded if a tree is growing too quickly. It could begin decaying. Your tree can be decaying if you notice that it’s growing  quicker than you can handle. This means that its branches are easily breakable. Of course, this is not a good thing. You’ve got to get rid of the dead branches right away.  

Discolored Leaves 

Your tree is telling you that it requires more water if it is yellow. You have read it right. Trees could get dehydrated as well. In addition to that, if you see yellow leaves, it can also mean that your tree is lacking nutrients. A professional arborist can help you with this problem. If you notice that some leaves on your tree are yellow, it is best to call an arborist as soon as possible to avoid any possible problems down the line.