When Do You Need to Pump Your Septic System? 

In this article, we have gathered a list of the major indicators that you have to book for a septic tank pumping and cesspool service Long Island as soon as possible. Keep on reading below to discover more: 


Lush grass 

If you have a full septic tank, you can expect that sewage and wastewater can leak into your lawn. This sewage can serve as a fertilizer for your turf, which leads to greener and lusher patches of turf in your lawn. Once you can observe lush grass patches on your drain field and top of your septic tank, then your septic tank possibly needs to be pumped.  

Gurgling drains 

Sewage backups in your popes could result in clogs that would make drainage hard. If these clogs happen, your drains might make a gurgling sound as they try to drain water. Gurgling drains should just be one major indication of a clog. However, when this sign is escorted by other problems, perhaps you need to have your septic tank pumped.  


If your septic tank is full, wastewater and sewage could leak into your yard. This leakage can cause odors to prevail in your house. Apart from that, sewage can travel back up your pipes as well. The outcome of this backup can cause a bad sewage odor that can fill your home and comes from your drains. 

Pooling water 

During the spring season, pooling water can take place because of a full septic tank that can be hard to detect. Melting snow and rainfall can result in pooling water as well. Although, if your septic tank is full, it can cause your cesspool to leak which tends to create stagnant water. Such pooling water will be distinct since they won’t be clean water and will usually be partnered with a bad smell.  

It’s been a while since you have your septic system pumped 

Septic tanks are required to be pumped almost every 3 years. When your tank has not been pumped for a long time now, it will most likely require maintenance. Meaning, you have to get your tank pumped before it begins to show apparent indications of maintenance needs. Such signs can result in more problems that could be pricey and hard to deal with. 

Slow drainage 

Once sewage causes plumbing clogs, you might observe that your toilets flushes and your drains drain slowly. This bad drainage will take place since water will get a hard time passing through the pipes. A warning sign that slow drainage is an indicator of septic system maintenance instead of a simple clog that several drains are having issues of quickly draining. 

Nitrates in your well water 

Apart from your septic system, owning a well for your drinking water would need to have the water tested every year for you to determine the needed maintenance for your septic system. When your water test shows greater than the usual levels of nitrate, that could indicate that wastewater is leaching and overflowing into your drinking water.